About A 370-Watt Solar Panel

Facts To Consider About A 370-Watt Solar Panel


Several 370-watt solar panels include different power productions with sunlight. Are you wondering which number of watts can power the small appliances in your house? Then you must acknowledge the capabilities of the solar panels, producing 370 watts of power.

Appliances suitable for 370 watt

The common electronics in your house fit under a 370-watt solar panel. Here is a list of such electronic products that are suitable for 370 watts.

  1. TV, Computers, printers
  2. DVD payers
  3. Lightings
  4. Electronic hair styling gadgets
  5. Land phone
  6. Charging cell phones and laptops

This is not the ultimate capability of a 370-watt solar panel. When you install more than one panel with 370-watt power production, they can run Refrigerators, Dishwashers, etc. Also, they can supply energy to heavy-duty electronics, such as air conditioners, clothes dryers, etc.

What watt signifies in solar panels?

The unit ‘watt’ defines the ability to produce the energy of a solar panel. You must know the output rating of your solar power system. You should also have a conception of how many kilowatt-hours or kWh you should expect from the solar panel.

Being well informed about these matters, you will have an idea about the calculation of revenues and savings.

Abilities of multi-solar panel systems

You can find residential solar packages, including a combination of multiple 370-watt solar panels.

The average households consume the highest energy in cooling and heating. It includes almost 60% of total energy consumption. The rest of the appliances use around 33% of consuming energy.

Power production capabilities of different solar systems

It can be difficult for you to choose the right amount of Kilowatts for your home. Your service provider can help you in this case. For a small house, you can install 6.6kW Solar Systems and for a medium one, you may prefer 7.7kW Solar Systems.

If you own a large house or apartment, you can go for 9.9kW Solar Systems. For a family home where there is a high requirement for electric energy, you can install 13.3kW Solar Systems. When you have a small house a 370-watt solar panel is suitable for you.

The 6.6kW Solar System can produce about 20 – 27kWh of power per day whereas a 7.7kW System produces an estimated average of 29 – 32kWh of power per day.

The 9.9kW Solar Systems can produce an average of 38 – 42kWh of power per day. The 13.3kW Solar Systems produce a great amount of power that is 50 – 53.2kWh per day.

The studies show that the average households in Australia consume an amount of 13KW a day. The usage of the power also depends on the location, electronic appliances, and energy needs. The plenty amount of sunlight is indeed for solar energy production.


After reading the above points, if you find a 370-watt solar panel ideal for your house you can ask your service provider about the benefits of installing it. They can also guide you on how you can use less energy to save monthly electricity bills.

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