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Understanding the Process of IRCTC Authorised Agent Registration


The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd., plays a crucial role in the functioning of the Indian Railways and the provision of catering, hospitality, and tourism services. As a “Mini Ratna (Category-I)” Central Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, it aims to upgrade and professionalize these services while promoting domestic and international tourism. One significant opportunity that IRCTC offers is for individuals and travel businesses to collaborate with them through the IRCTC authorized agent registration process.

This article highlights the process of becoming an IRCTC-authorized agent under the Internet Cafe Scheme (ICS) and the mandate for registration while shedding light on the various roles and responsibilities of an agent.

What is the IRCTC Internet Cafe Scheme (ICS)?

The IRCTC Internet Cafe Scheme (ICS) is a program designed for authorized agents of IRCTC. It allows them to set up internet cafes where passengers can access various services related to train travel. These cafes are equipped with IRCTC’s software and infrastructure, enabling customers to book tickets, check PNR status, and make inquiries conveniently. The ICS aims to provide a seamless experience for railway passengers by offering them easy access to online services through authorized agents’ internet cafes. With this scheme, IRCTC aims to enhance customer convenience and ensure efficient ticketing services.

If you are wondering “how to make agent ID on IRCTC?” you can find more details on eligibility criteria and various other requirements on the official IRCTC website or refer to an authorized IRCTC PSP (Principal Service Provider) who can guide you through the process or registration and also help in various compliances mandated by IRCTC.

Mandates for IRCTC Authorised Agent Registration

  • Retail Service Provider must be registered with IRCTC by the Principal Service Provider (PSP) and issued an RSP ID for booking e-tickets.
  • Verification of Aadhar No. of RSP is mandatory during registration.
  • PAN No. is also mandatory for registration.
  • RSP must authenticate every login with a one-time password (OTP) sent to their registered mobile number.
  • The PSP is responsible for preventing the sharing of IDs by RSPs.
  • RSPs must provide the correct address, Unique Mobile No., Unique e-mail ID, and PAN No. for registration.
  • Any change of address must be immediately notified to IRCTC with the original certificate issued by PSP.
  • PSPs/RSPs must read and strictly follow IRCTC’s rules and regulations.
  • RSPs should verify the IDs provided to them and inform their PSP if they receive the wrong ID.
  • RSPs must display a sign board outside their agency with IRCTC’s logo.
  • PSPs must issue a Certificate of Authorization to their RSPs for booking rail e-tickets.
  • The Certificate of Authorization must be prominently displayed at the RSP outlet/Agency/Counter/Centre.
  • PSPs/RSPs should practice good business ethics.

Responsibilities of an IRCTC Agent

  • The RSP must ensure that the transaction (Booking or cancellation) is done with the complete knowledge and acceptance of the customer.
  • All RSPs must maintain written/electronic requests and ID proof from customers for booking and cancelling tickets for the past six months.
  • The mobile number of the customer or one of the passengers must be provided correctly while booking the ticket.
  • The ERS (Electronic Reservation Slip) issued by RSPs should strictly follow the format prescribed by IRCTC and contain the name, full address, and contact details of the RSP who issued it, along with the name of the PSP.
  • RSPs must issue an invoice on their stationary for the amount collected from customers, including details like Railway Fare, IRCTC’s service charges, agent’s service charges, and payment gateway charges.
  • Agent service charges are applicable only during booking transactions, and there are no service charges for cancellation transactions.
  • RSPs should cancel tickets only upon customer request and refund the cancellation amount after receiving the OTP shared by the passenger.
  • The cancellation refund amount will be credited to the same account through which the ticket was booked, based on correct OTP inputs.
  • RSPs must obtain a written request from customers before filing TDR cases with the Railways.

Benefits of Becoming an IRCTC Authorized Agent

Becoming an IRCTC Authorized Agent brings several benefits and opportunities. With IRCTC authorized agent registration, you have the opportunity to expand your travel business by booking unlimited number of IRCTC e-tickets, as well as tickets for flights, buses, hotels, and travel packages. As an agent, you earn a commission for each ticket booked, with additional commission for high-value transactions. Flexibility is another advantage, allowing you to book tickets without restrictions on the day or month, and for any class of travel. Moreover, you can build your own travel brand, enjoy flexible working hours, and expand your services with IRCTC.


Being the 4th largest railway network in the world, the Indian Railway serves as a lifeline when it comes to tourism in India. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC) plays a significant role in the smooth functioning of the railway tourism industry. To become an authorized agent, it is essential to make an agent ID on IRCTC and comply with the necessary requirements. As an authorized principal service provider, SiOnline can assist travel agents and businesses in navigating the IRCTC agent registration process efficiently and effectively.

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