Upcoming Triathlon Events

Upcoming Triathlon Events – September 2022


With the upcoming season looking more promising for triathlons, now is a wonderful time to start looking for a challenge. Having a triathlon event to look forward to is a great way to maintain motivation over the preseason training period. Here are our picks for the best triathlon events in 2022.

11 September 2022: Helvellyn Triathlon

One of the most challenging triathlons to be held in the UK is in the stunning Lake District. It is clear why this is not your typical triathlon when you consider that the cycle leg includes the Kirkstone Pass, also known as the “Struggle,” and the run takes you up and down Helvellyn itself.

14 September 2022: Summer Tri Series #4 Hudson Valley Triathlon Club

Mitch Vanhille, a triathlon coach, says if you are considering participating in a multi-sport event, this lively, welcoming environment is the ideal location to “get your feet wet.” You’ll have joy remaining active and fit while making wonderful friends. A speed exercise for experienced athletes. It welcomes all ages and skill levels. Time of Start: 5:45 PM EDT, Kenneth L. Wilson State Park is the location, and 859 Wittenberg Road is the address. The event takes place in Mount Tremper, New York, USA.

Hever Castle, 24 September 2022

The Hever Castle Triathlon is the second-largest triathlon in the UK and the season’s last race. Hever Castle is an instant classic and promises a fantastic weekend with its festival vibe and various lengths for all ages and skills. There is something for every triathlete, in addition to the picturesque setting of the castle.

18 September 2022: Newbsanity Commando Cup 2022

This challenging race is an obstacle course that tests your teamwork, resourcefulness, and fortitude. To win the coveted Commando Cup, each four-person team must struggle through a series of tests, barriers, and challenges.

Till race day, the precise course configuration and challenges are a secret. But you can count on the competition making extensive use of the Extreme Ravine course, the Mud Gauntlet course, the wilderness loops encompassing an extra 50+ acres, and bulky items like cinder blocks, tires, and the Commando Sled. The race takes place in Binghamton, New York, USA, and starts at 9:00 AM sharp after check-in from 7:45 to 8:45 AM.

25 September 2022: Dorney lake triathlon

Eton Dorney, the Olympic location, has pan-flat, uncongested roads, and a stunning lake. Flat and lightning-fast, the asphalt track at Dorney Lake is noted for being free of traffic and smooth hence the ideal environment for both new competitors and seasoned athletes. The event takes place in the United Kingdom, Eton Dorney Rowing Centre, Windsor, Berkshire, on Sun, 25 September 2022, beginning at 8:00.

24 September 2022: The 2022 Serpent’s Shadow Multisport Festival

The Wyoming County heartland hosts the third annual Serpent’s Shadow Triathlon, Duathlon, and 5k. The paddle-bike-run triathlon will begin in the famed Silver Lake and go through Wyoming County for the bike and run. The event will push athletes while allowing participants to enjoy the rural settings. It takes place at Asbury Camp and Retreat Centre at 16 Lakeside Avenue in Silver Lake, New York, USA.

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