What is Drive Over Bunding

What is Drive Over Bunding and Where is It Used?


Have you ever watched an action-packed film that showed some blazing scenes resulting from a chemical spill that caused an inferno? Well, such a trick commonly employed in films is aimed to make action movies more electrifying and therefore, can surely entice more movie fanatics to come and watch. Nonetheless, this is not really amusing in real life.

In reality, once fuels, oils, toxic chemicals and other poisonous liquids leak, they can be hard to control. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible; otherwise the situation can become absolutely dangerous. When spills seep out of their location passing through the drains, this can harm workers, machinery and equipment, and above all, pollute the environment. At times like these, a flexible drive over bunding can become a very useful tool.

Drive Over Bunding and What It’s Used For

In the real meaning of the word, bunding, also referred to as a bund wall, is a protection method designed to contain liquid leaks and spillages in a specific location. The device serves as a wall constructed around storage areas for dangerous liquids.

Its main purpose is to contain any accidental escape of toxic materials and if ever spillages happen, clean-up would be a lot easier. Apart from the prevention of environmental pollution, other valuable uses of this popular liquid protection method are for fire protection, process isolation including product recovery.

Aside from these mentioned, the bunds can be driven over by heavy vehicles hence the name, ‘drive over bunding’. Interestingly, the bunds don’t get distorted but instead, this type of spill containment system just flexes and flattens out then springs back into shape once the vehicle passes, as if nothing happened.

Areas Where Drive Over Bunding is Used

You might be wondering where on earth can the drive over bunding be applied. Well, these spill prevention bunds are typically installed in the following places – vehicle access areas, drum and liquid storage areas, loading and unloading docks, warehouse doorways, workshops, sheds, and even on wash bays. The real value of the drive over bunding comes out when the device is installed in areas where oil is kept or where vehicles powered by oil are parked.

Versatility of Drive Over Bunding

Drive over bunding is a versatile tool in that it allows unlimited access and movements while at the same time providing containment. Because of the combination of materials used in creating the system, it has an advantage of minimising the ‘bump effect’ – something that’s highly important for forklifts to operate safely. Bunding prevents drums and other cargoes from slipping off a vehicle for instance, a forklift and that clearly enhances the safety of both humans and machines.

Drive over bunding is the perfect solution for all areas in your warehouse. So, if ever you’re ready to have the system installed, deal only with an experienced team of professionals.

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