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What to Put on Your Laundromat’s Social Media Accounts for More Followers


One of the most effective ways to further drive sales and market your business is through posting on your website’s blog and social media pages. It’s a known laundry service marketing strategy that works as long as you implement it properly!

Make sure to add the following elements to your laundromat’s social media page:

A Flattering Cover Photo

Your laundromat marketing strategy for social media should first begin with a flattering photo that shows your business.

Most social media platforms would request you post a cover photo, which will serve as the above-the-fold banner of your profile page. You should make sure your chosen cover is attractive, as this is one of the first things viewers will see!

We recommend taking a high-quality photo of your laundromat using a wide-angle camera. That way, visitors will know what your laundromat looks like and see how clean and beautiful it is!

1. Your Operating Hours and Prices

You can now pin posts on your social media pages so it stays on top of all your content. This post must be useful and friendly, which is why it’s best to use your pinned post to share your operating hours and prices, which are the two things most potential customers look for.

Pin a decorative flyer or graphic that shows your laundromat’s operating hours and basic prices. Make sure you also add the same information in text form, in case your viewers cannot load photos. This is helpful for customers who are searching for a place to wash their clothes, as it prevents them from having to scroll down endlessly to look for the information they need.

2. Series of Laundry Tips

Your laundromat’s social media page shouldn’t only include necessary information about your laundromat. You should also consider posting useful content your audience will appreciate in their daily lives.

Share laundry secrets such as how to clean hard-to-remove stains or a guide on cleaning delicates. Use your laundry expertise to your advantage and let followers know you are an expert in the field! This will help your business gain more trust and encourage followers to share your content with their network, which means more potential customers.

Post tips through decorative infographics or in-depth blogs, including informative content backed up by research and experience.

3. Entertaining Laundry Stories

A business’s social media page shouldn’t be all purely “dull” information and announcements. Make it more entertaining by sharing funny laundry stories! These posts give more of a personal flair that adds a more human voice to your laundromat.

4. Laundromat News and Events

Use social media as a way to post announcements related to your business or community events, such as Christmas greetings, updated store hours during Thanksgiving weekend, or other recent company news. Doing so diversifies your feed and will inform your local customers.

Wrapping It Up

If you don’t have a social media account for your laundromat yet, it’s time you do so now and add the elements mentioned above!

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