Artificial Intelligence in HR

3 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in HR


When you think of using AI in the organisation, HR is perhaps the last department you would think of. Some might even wonder if there is any point in providing artificial intelligence for hr at all. However, the truth is that AI can bring a lot of relief and effectiveness to the often overworked and understaffed HR department.

Numerous areas within HR can benefit from the implementation of AI. It could provide the HR team a much-needed respite from the dozens of benefits-related questions they face every day, or manage new hires, and coordinate the paperwork. HR automation is one of the easiest ways to manage HR processes affordably.

Let us look at three ways AI can help HR in an organisation:

Payroll management

Automating the payroll system means you put a faster process the system. Payroll management can be done in hours with the help of AI instead of the days it took during the manual process. There are a large number of options to choose from to suit companies of all types and sizes. Payroll automation ensures

  • Accurate calculations
  • Maintenance of payroll records
  • Better time management
  • Quick and easy processing
  • Better timesheet management
  • Digital time tracking and processing

Onboarding and Recruitment

The HR department can benefit a lot by employing AI in the recruitment process. The department spends countless hours gathering relevant data for recruiting and onboarding new employees. This means a large amount of paperwork as well as a longer time to sort out things. There are chances of misplacing the papers and delay in decision making as the papers are passed between various managers at different departments.

Automating the onboarding or recruitment substantially reduces human error, ensures less paperwork, and improves status visibility of the hire amongst various departments. Furthermore, by integrating the recruitment and onboarding process, it becomes more interactive with the HR chatbot guiding new employees all along the way. Help and guidance can be given even after/before office hours, enabling the employee to settle in at a relaxed pace.

Employee Evaluations

More than half of companies don’t have an effective evaluation structure in place. The annual reviews conducted by most businesses aren’t effective as in many cases they don’t track the employee’s progress through the year. Even in companies where they say they track the performance throughout the year, the last quarter results generally carry more weightage.

This could be detrimental to an employee who performed well throughout the year but the last quarter. Using AI in employee evaluation helps the employees to understand their role well and the managers to track their performances better. Any problem areas can be identified and sorted at the earliest, thanks to the AI highlighting a potential problem.


Apart from these, AI can be used to maintain records, ensure compliance, benefits, and more. With AI, it is possible to create a streamlined, automated process to ensure the HR functions smoothly without putting undue pressure on either the HR department or the employees. Many of the mundane, repetitive tasks can be handled by AI and the HR managers can use the time thus gained for strategizing better.

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