Human resources technology

How Human resources technology has changed the workforce


Human resources technology has touched almost every aspect of the workforce, revolutionising a number of disciplines and departments throughout organisations and forever changing the way in which that workforce is engaged, hired and supported.

Humanising human resources      

The beginnings of a tech revolution were already in place a few years ago but the pandemic gave leaders more of an incentive to fully embrace such tools. The use of technology from a HR perspective was already there, as well as the capability of benefit management, but the way that technology is used in HR was accelerated by Covid.

Technology allowed many companies to stay afloat during the pandemic, and many are continuing to push remote work even as the world returns to normal and it will be the responsibility of HR tech to keep evolving to be able to support new requirements.

These new challenges include managing the on boarding process for new employees in a virtual world and a more centralised system for managing benefits. HR tech needs to develop ways of connecting people with the use of virtual technology while also ensuring companies are continuing to create cohesive cultural experiences for new members of the team.

The benefits of human resources technology

Human resources technology was already providing many benefits to employees and employers alike even before the pandemic. For employers, one of the largest benefits of HR tech was that it was a quicker and more engaging and effective way of communicating with employees, while also cutting down on costs related to HR management.

Managers benefit from the use of human resources technology because they are a simpler and more convenient method of monitoring and tracking the real-time performance of employees, regardless of their location.

HR tech has also allowed HR itself to perform their duties in a more efficient and effective manner, giving them more tools to improve and promote the wellbeing of employees while increasing talent retention.

HR tech is also of benefit to all employees, from full time to part time and casual workers and even contractors. HR tech can have a positive impact across all types of industries and teams, allowing workers to check their shifts and engage with their fellow employees while also allowing for faster onboarding and helping new workers to gain a quicker understanding of their new company, industry, role and team.

Challenges HR tech can solve

Human resources technology can help to deal with a number of challenges in the workplace including onboarding, which is often a slow and tiresome process involving a lot of information and corresponding paperwork. Allowing new employees access to onboarding information, forms and activities via HR tech allows them an early start while also having everything in one place and easily accessible.

Employee scheduling is another big advantage of HR tech, allowing for intelligent and simple to access and change rostering, ensuring staff coverage and allowing for more flexible work policies.

The immediate and ongoing benefits of human resources technology have changed the workplace radically, and will only continue to do so into the future

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