Managing a Hybrid Workplace

Tips For Managing a Hybrid Workplace


Many offices have changed in recent years to adopt a “hybrid” style of working, where employees split their time between the office and home. While it has largely been a response to the pandemic when employees carried out their roles from home for several months, many people have benefitted from a healthier work-life balance as a result. Since then, many companies in Orlando have chosen to keep this new style of working and take advantage of its benefits.

Managing a hybrid workplace after managing a traditional office space can come with some challenges, so here are some tips to help you along.

Focus on Outcomes

When your employees are working from home, it is more difficult to monitor when they are working and what they are doing during the day. Depending on your management style, this could be a big shift, and it may be challenging to adapt to at first. Rather than focusing on how many hours your staff members might be spending at their computer or whether they are going for a long walk in the afternoon, focus more on the outcomes that you can easily see. If they are completing tasks and projects on time, attending meetings, and are readily available when needed, consider how much time you need to focus on monitoring their hours and outputs.

Create Opportunities for Team Building

Without having everyone in the office space every day, it can become more challenging to build rapport and connections between teams. Lots of work happens in the comfort of employees’ homes without their peers ever seeing or noticing. Conversations that happen between two people online are impossible to intercept without being invited. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to create opportunities for your teams to connect and get to know each other. Hold an annual party or consider all-staff meetings every week or month. Plan a staff dinner or invite everyone to come to the office space on the same day for a group lunch.

Make the Office Space Inviting

If you’re trying to encourage more employees to spend more time in the office, think about how you can make the space more inviting. Some companies choose to incorporate well-being spaces and other relaxing areas into the office space, which can encourage their staff to take time out when needed or find somewhere quiet to work. You may also want to consider installing new office furniture or upgrading old furniture that is no longer being used. Focus on bringing natural lighting to the office space and offering your employees the chance to enjoy this as they work, either by moving their desks closer to the windows or rearranging furniture and other items.

Listen to Employee Views

As you’re designing your hybrid office, thinking about how to upgrade it, or trying to encourage employees to come back to the office space, take time to listen to their views and opinions. This can give you some fresh ideas and perspectives or help you to understand what’s important to them and what constitutes a healthy working environment. Gathering the views and opinions of your staff about what the office space should look like will help them to feel included in the process while also building a stronger connection between you and your teams.

Creating a Great Hybrid Working Space

It’s possible to create a fantastic hybrid office space for you and your employees to enjoy. Whether you’re thinking about overhauling the office design or upgrading some of the office furniture, companies like Quality Installers in Orlando, FL, can provide you with essential and valuable assistance during the process.

While workers in a hybrid role are not in a physical office everyday, the effects of a toxic work environment can still be felt. For help diagnosing a toxic work environment and creating an effective hybrid workplace, please see the tips below.

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