open their current account

Who are eligible to open their current account?


The current account is a bank account type with fewer amounts of boundaries. Most businesses need to open their current account, as it enables them to handle the number of deposits and withdrawals in the day.

In short, the current account is a demand deposit account where there are no limits applied on the number of withdrawals. Read more to know about the eligibility to open a current account.

Who should open their current account?

Current accounts are easily opened by people who have a commercial interest and are required to issue cheques. It includes: –

. Sole proprietorships

. Individuals

. Trusts

. Partnerships

. Hindu undivided families

. Limited companies

. Societies, associations, and clubs

Operations of current account

Customers mentioned how they want to operate their account at the time of online open current account. It is very important for single account or joint account holders with current accounts.

. Joint

. Single

. Survivor or either- If any of one account holder is not more, then the survivor can draw the balance from their current account

Moreover, it is suggested to account holders ensure their cash deposit while opening an account.  An account must not be opened on zero balance because the banks do not take a deposit in their account in any case.

Rules for operations with current account

An account holder should deposit cheques or cash into their account. The details you entered on the slip are going with the cheques to the cashier.

. The cashier then verifies your information and stamps it on the receipt after confirmation.

. The RBI states that no bank will refuse acknowledgment if a client deposits at a branch of the bank.

. Customers can deposit cash in the drop box or cheques, but they are doing this at their own risk till confirmation.

. There are no limits on the amount to be deposited in your current account.

. Customers can easily use the cheque to withdraw the money itself from their current account.

. The banker should check the end use of funds if the authorized signatory transfer funds from your company’s current account to a personal account.

. The banker then compares the amount and signature on the cheque, whether the customer account balance is sufficient or not.

. If the account holder is not present to sign a cheque or is too ill to fill the amount on the cheque, then they can easily put their thumb impression on the cheque, and it should be identified witness to the bank.

Tips to follow while applying for a current account.

. Choose the largest branch of the bank to open your current account so that you can provide you additional services.

. Keep the checkbook carefully.

. Avoid the bank opening a current account that demands service charges on transactions.


The current account is an important requirement that must be fulfilled by businesses to streamline the process. It is beneficial for all types of businesses because it allows them to make deposits, withdrawals, and several transactions in a day without any hassles.

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