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Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- Deploying Valuable Natural Resources For Farming


Climate change, pollution, carbon footprint, and the emission of greenhouse gases are on the rise. It is essential for people to wake up to this grim fact and make earnest efforts to save the planet. Today, farmers have realized the importance of sustainable farming as a healthier alternative to traditional industrial agriculture. They are deploying emerging technologies, techniques, and other practices for their food production so that the natural resources of the Earth are not depleted and can be kept safe for future generations to enjoy.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- an inspiring name in sustainability 

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a respected name in sustainable farming practices in Spring Grove, USA, and the experts here keep sustainability as their core value. They specialize in eggshells and quality organic food products that are currently in high demand in the market.

In February 2011, these Farms invested $3.5 million in a unique facility for water treatment to manage the water used for washing its eggs in an innovative and responsible way. They use a unique nitrification/denitrification process for the water from this egg to be purified, then filtered and returns to the ground in an eco-friendly manner.

The installation of solar panels  

It uses solar power at its multiple facilities and has functioned in close association with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, which aligns resources for generating investments. It also boosts the infrastructure set up for clean energy in the state. It deploys a method that concentrates on the in-house composting in the chicken houses to improve pest control and reduce the flies that surround it.

These Farms focus on energy-saving techniques and methods on a small scale, for they believe that every step counts in preserving the valuable resources of the Earth.

These efforts, for example, the switching on/off of sensor motion lights in farm buildings and offices, the installation of LED lights that are high in efficiency in chicken houses, and other similar steps, have a significant impact on the ecosystem.

OSHA guidelines and the importance to safety  

The experts on these farms also focus on the importance of safety, and they work in accordance with the regulations that have been laid down under the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division on a regular basis. OSHA lays a lot of emphasis on voluntary and cooperative programs that revolve around the reduction of disease and illnesses in the workspace. It also conducts on-site consultation services assuring that the Farms facilities comply with all the standards laid down under OSHA to detect potential safety, health hazards, and risks.

All the farmers at Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania are deeply connected to the land and care about the ecosystems. They also serve the community and regularly donate to homeless shelters with the objective of helping them lead decent and respectable life. Being homeless is not something to blame them for. Circumstances and maybe some bad life choices might have been them on the roads, but that does not mean they belong there for life. Even one act of kindness, no matter how small it is, can help them get back on their feet to live with dignity in the community.

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